December 3, 2011

December 3

hello rn I'm with Jeslyn in my room. She came lateeee so am gunna kill her, ok bye.

November 17, 2011

Love you like a love song, Jennie.

Hey, Jennie, sorry for hacking into your account. But your blog is really dead. You should know who I am right? I'm your best friend. When I said best, I mean the best of the best. Har.. I don't even know how to describe. But, I love you a lot and I miss you too. Hope to see you soon. :) :)

June 7, 2011


So, hi. I just deleted the whole posts I've ever posted. 200 posts and more, since 2009. I don't know, it's like something that has been propping up. You know, trashing all over, grammatical error and childish thoughts. Hence I decided to delete them all, fair.

Yes I'm enjoying these super deluxe holidays since finals were over last week. Have I told you that I turned 16 by the latest June 1? Ok I feel really old, it seems like ages above 15 is counted as an adult and being an adult is the worst idea.....ever. Right I'm just exaggerating.
My 16 is amazingly amazing. Sure, good family, good pals, good food, good life I should say huh. Received an iPad from Dad and a ticket to Bali from Mom. Life is just good.

Righttt I get no idea what to be written on here. Will do a visit next time. And oh yes, some people ask me what the song here in my blog is. Ok it is Bruno Mars - today my life beings.


June 1, 2011

Jeslyn Sukijung, do you hear me

And yes Jeslyn Sukijung, big thanks and sorry for wasting your time to customize my blog, you can actually utilize your precious time to revise your chemistry loljk. Met you once already before the finals but that never seemed to be enough. Let's meet up in June, love. You've been somewhat a good friend for me, though sometimes we're both childish but we get along pretty good, right? :)

Hahaha, recalling the disorder moments we first say hello is quite strange. That time we were both still in primary. You were yelling to call a friend of yours, I was simply annoyed that I rolled my eyes. From that day onwards we're treating each other like foes. Eyes rolling everytime we met and stuffs.

Here come to the climax where we realized that we're placed in the same class : 7-01. We went to the same tuition. Then we finally talked! I clearly remember, it was me who first talked to you because I wanna make sure if my Math answer is already the same as yours. You know, I seemed like talking to you but precisely I was copying your answers or stuffs like that...........ha.

And something unforgettable, you're the first person who taught me how to cheat :( :( History test if I'm not mistaken, you taught me how to do the open books. YEAAAA NUFF SAID, NOW IT SEEMS LIKE TO BE A HABIT FOR ME.

I gotta go babe, that picture above the text, uh oh I don't have any last picture with you. We're gonna meet up in Bali, aren't we? Bye, I wanna see your braces with blue, sky blue.

May 6, 2011


Hi, I'm Jeslyn Sukijung. I'm currently on Jennifer's blog to help her to customize her blog:) I think she should thank me. And I'm sorry for losing all her links. I felt really sorry for her. Hahaha. Btw, I don't really know what she likes. :p I hope that she will like this blog. Please, like it, Jennifer. Bye :)


One month left to be a flower. Hahaha what, I'm just so random today. Adios

April 28, 2011


Holllllla folks! Giving a single touch on my blog after leaving it for 6 months sounds really dumb I know. I'm not really busy with my life, I just love typing with middle fingers and it will be pretty hard for me to show my skill here. Aha.

How's life, cherry pies? Does everything run well? Life treats me good, always. Though some certain times I might hit the point where I'm really tired of people and their craps, I stand still.
I long to have somewhat pen pals, you know. People who never meet us and will never know stuffs about us. I just feel like I can only give special credence to people who never really know me. Yes I am awkward and so hard to deal with, but I exist.

Another brief post is sent, I promise to come tomorrow. X